Introducing: The Bicycle Waltz / At’s Amore Sequel Blog

Many readers have asked about a sequel to The Bicycle Waltz and At’s Amore. We’ve been kicking around story ideas for some time, but with the COVID-19 shutdowns, we expect to have a little more time in the coming months to really get down and work on the book.

But our free time will be intermittent as we often have our son, his wife, and our grandson with us. We take care of little Dillon (as in Dillon Beach – our own family trips were the inspiration for the scenes in At’s Amore) while Brian and Anjali work.

Anyway, we thought it might be fun to take our readers behind the scenes as we work on the new book using this blog. We’ll avoid spoilers, but we hope to give you an idea of our process – and our progress.

Here’s how we expect it to work:

  • We’ll create blog postings and post them here, on
  • You can be notified about new posts directly in your email by using the “SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL” link on this page.
  • We will announce new blog postings on our Facebook page as well:
  • We’d love to hear your comments, but please do that on our Facebook page. Managing comments on a blog involves regular battles with spammers, so I’m going to disable comments here.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

Paul and Jean Zimmer